Festival of Contemporary Art Danube Dialogues is an international multimedia mosaic festival of visual arts of the Danube region, taking place simultaneusly in various galleries and alternative places in Novi Sad. Artists, art historians and critics from 14 countries of the Danube macro region participate in this festival, offering an extremely interesting insight into the current art trends of this European region.

There are many reasons for this regional examination of current art scene. The Danube georaphy, from the Black Forest (Schwartzwald) to the Black Sea, connects developed Central Europe with less developed turbulent Balkan countries and the former Eastern block countries. Numerous ongoing integration processes within the EU have contributed to closer artistic ties among those countries, making them more compatible and, consequently, more interesting and visible.

The Festival of Contemporary Art Danube Dialogues has offered a well defined concept, judging by the artworks exhibited by artists from each of the Danubian countries, by dialogue exhibitions between the artists from Serbia and one of the selected countries, by carefully conceptualized symposia themes, by the separate display of Serbian artists during this international event, by subsequent art exhibitions enabling our artists to exhibit their works of art abroad.

Bel art Gallery launched the Festival in 2012 as a pilot project and from 2013 it has been held six times thus far. More than 400 curators and art theoreticians from Danube macro region participated in the festival so far (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic). Each year, a new, interesting and live issue is been chosen as a main theme at the festival: Art and Crisis (2014), Art in the Age of (Non)emotionality (2015) and Art and Global Insecurity: Art / Critics / Politics (2016), Aesthetics of the Intimate (2017), The Use of Man (2018).


Our mission is to develop a platform for presenting and perceiving current trends in contemporary visual arts, artistic cooperation and exchange in the Danube region.


Our vision is to become a reference point on the cultural map of region, a place of meetings and reflectons on various artisitc ideas, exchange of experiences, artistic and curatorial practice.


  • monitoring and presentation of contemporary trends in visual arts
  • development of critical thought
  • exchange of curatorial practice
  • exchange of experiences and mobility of artists
  • education of young people in the field of contemporary fine and visual arts

  • establishment of Novi Sad as the relevant point of international art exchange
  • development of a collaborative network as a base for efficient artistic exchange and international cooperation in the region
  • presenting and promoting the domestic art scene abroad

  • connecting the two banks of the Danube river and creating a unique artistic environment
  • revitalization of the Petrovaradin suburb area and highlighting its potentials

Festival management

Vesna Latinovć

Vesna Latinovć

Founding Director

Sava Stepanov

Sava Stepanov

Artistic Director

Festival team

  • Tijana Filipov Mezei, Coordinator
  • Duška Latas, Public Relations
  • Alena Pucar Klatikova, Assistant
  • Aleksandra Vukajlović, Assistant
  • Tijana Jevrić, Media Support
  • Sofija Damjanović, Media Support
  • Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić, Newsletter Editor
  • Ljubomir Maksimov, Designer
  • Marija Crveni, Photographer
  • Jelena Rebić, Translator
  • Dubravka Bugarski Alimpić, Translator
  • Mile Karanović, Logistics