Danube Dialogues 2013.

Festival of Contemporary Art of the Danube Countries

There is a unique region of Europe that has been carved out by the magnificent geography of a great river: ten countries, stretching from the highly developed cities of Central Europe to its less developed periphery on the Black Sea. The Danube countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine) are now in the throes of integrating into the unified European matrix.

Sava Stepanov

Festival Art Director, Art Critic

The Danube Dialogues project was conceived as a multimedia mosaic, taking place simultaneously in various galleries and alternative premises. Paintings, sculptures, performances, video works, exhibitions of artistic flags, installations, forums and workshops, the presence of numerous artists and the public all came together to create a unique and dynamic atmosphere. The artistic director invites selectors for group showings, each country being represented by its own exhibition.
Vesna Latinović

Founder of Danube Dialogues

Danube Dialogues 2014

Festival of Conteporary Art // Novi Sad

August – September 2014