DD: In 2013 you exhibited in dialogue with the Austrian artist Joseph Linsinger at the Novi Sad City Museum. What are your impressions of this kind of cooperation, and what do you think of local artists presenting in dialogue with artists from other countries?

From the outset, the cultural dialogue taking place via art works at the Danube Dialogues 2013 was for me a great undertaking and a challenge, in any event a new position from which to present personal artistic achievements. As soon as I was invited by the Festival curator, Sava Stepanov, to set up an Austrian-Serbian dialogue through a joint exhibition with Stefan Linsinger, I realized the seriousness of this task and felt excited that I would be able to place my works beside the work of a distinguished artist of international renown in the field of concrete art. Prior to this, I had the chance to get to know the important research work done by Stefan Linsinger, and while preparing for the exhibition to see the selection of his works for this occasion, as well as getting my own idea of the spatial opportunities offered by the gallery where it was to take place. In agreement with the curator, Sava Stepanov, out of the opus of my works a selection was made that would relate to the artistic method of the Austrian artist, Stefan Linsinger, and so the exhibition was set up on the basis of a consonant body of works. I only got to know Stefan personally the day before the event, and we immediately went off to the gallery to personally verify our joint exposition as its authors. Stefan’s comment was: I like this town, I feel good here, and with my works I have a sense of belonging to this place.
To engage in dialogue means to listen with respect to the other side as a lead-in to eventually working together. The exhibition of our works, Stefan’s and mine, has been set up as a coherent whole of singular consonance, and here it has gone a qualitative step further than dialogue. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to conclude that acquaintance through dialogue has paved the way to friendship.