Curator of Erlin Gallery

Budapest, Hungary

Cooperation between Erlin Gallery and Bel Art gallery dates back to 2003. Initially, it was based on mutual belief in art and an effort to overcome border barriers. It has contuinued ever since, retaining its original character. In 2000, Erlin gallery embarked on an international project essentially focusing on different art formulations, international as opposed to local, so we contacted Bel Art Gallery, whose interesting concept took a pioneering role in comparing international artistic scenes. The project triggered a huge amount of energy, presenting the audience of Novi Sad with great diversity and varied artistic approaches, while its importance to the professional audience can be seen as a special treat.

Danube Dialogues, through the Danube, along the Danube and in connection with the Danube, offers artistic interpretations and genres essential for certain areas, and in addition to traditional art forms focuses on the expansion of their borders and the live issues of contemporary art.

Over the years, the exhibitions held in the open have created opportunities for people from other countries. Random passers-by who inadvertently “stumble” upon artwork, get a chance to muse and reflect, establish contact with art objects and, more importantly, familiarize with them and begin to like them.