Timisoara – Novi Sad: Current Art Scene and Cooperation Perspectives on the Way Towards ECoC 2021

Wednesday, August 29th 2018, Novi Sad
11.00   Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Dunavska 37

Specifc feature of the Danube Dialogues is a series of exhibitions in which the works of one Serbian artist are placed in a correlative relationship and a ‘dialogue’ with the works of another artist from a selected country from the Danubian region. The Danube Dialogues 2018 envisage a dialogue between Romanian and Serbian artists through three dialogic exhibitions involving the following exhibitors: Aura Balanescu/Stevan Kojić, Nikolai Velchev/Miloš Vujanović, Liliana Mercioiu Popa/Rastislav Škulec, selected by selectors from Timisoara (Maria Orosan Telea) and Novi Sad (Sava Stepanov). This artistic dialogue will be followed by the Round Table Timisoara – Novi Sad: Current Art Scene and Cooperation Perspectives on the Way to EcoC 2021, establishing an important link between artists, curators, gallerists and cultural managers of Novi Sad and Timisoara, the two future European capitals of culture which are both geographically and culturally close.

Round Table participants will be curators, museum directors, cultural managers and artists from the two cities as well as representatives of Foundation Novi Sad 2021 and Timisoara 2021. The participants will discuss the perspectives of cultural cooperation and agree on the first concrete projects of the future two capitals of culture.